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Are you
Trying to find a birth parent, a father or mother in Mexico?
Looking for a friend or a classmate from your school days in Guadalajara?
Starting family genealogy research on your Mexican family history?

Then Stop
Wasting time sifting through hundreds of websites trying to find personal records.

And Start

Using a Mexico resource that can give you the options you need to find your living relatives in Mexico.


Did You Know... The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah contains the largest collection of genealogical information in the world where Reference Specialists assist thousands of visitors from around the globe who visit this library. One of the Reference Specialists there stated...

"Phone books and telephone directories are a remarkably helpful resource
 and one of the first places I go to find a family member
 or friend living in Mexico."

Whether you are a seasoned genealogist, a beginner or someone looking for a loved one or friend in Mexico, you need the PRIMARY resource that Reference Specialists at the world's greatest genealogy research library recommend.


Mexico Phone Books are an authentic Mexican information resource and provide:

  • The most current listing on living individuals.

  • Quick and easy search for any variation of names.

  • The ability to locate other family members still living in the area.

  • Information on the government offices where birth and death certificates are filed.

  • Searchable information for the church where your relatives were married.

Here's what other customers have said about Mexico Phone Books....

"Even though [our Reference Librarians] use the Internet, they still
          have a hard copy of the white pages because they are so easy to use."
          Comments from Reference Librarian at
          (The Internet Public Library)

"Much more comfortable flipping through
 a book rather than trying to use the Internet"
California Reference Librarian           

Why are Mexico Phone Books such a good resource?
Most reference directories, including those found at the world's largest family genealogy library (The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT), do not collect or provide information on individuals that are living; they can only collect information on the deceased.

If you are looking for information on a birth parent, a mother, a father, or other relatives still living in Mexico today, then you will need one of the few resources that Genealogy Reference Experts such as the librarians quoted above recommend -- the Mexico Phone Book.

What is a reverse lookup?
Common in the USA, a reverse lookup allows you to enter a phone number to receive the address of the person listed for the phone number. Mexico is one of a few countries that does not have or legislatively prohibit a system for reverse lookups. You need a resource that allows you to search for the person by name and that also lists the related telephone number.

What about the Internet?
There is limited genealogy information on individuals living in Mexico on the Internet. Personal records in Mexico are not readily available online. Sites claiming to offer telephone numbers for Mexico usually only have listings for a limited number of businesses. You want a resource that will have the most current listing of names for individuals living in Mexico.

Do I need to know Spanish?
Another challenge is that some people do not read or speak Spanish. Much of the available resources for family information will be in Spanish. If you don't know Spanish, you may want a service that will do the research for you.

Who can benefit from Mexico Phone Books?
Individuals, businesses and many other organizations contact Mexico Phone Books in an effort to find someone in Mexico. Many librarians keep copies of Mexico phone books at their Reference Desk because they receive so many calls from people wanting information that can be found quickly.

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If you have searched the Internet and all the sources you can find and still have not found the information you are seeking, then itís time to purchase the most complete information resource on individuals living in Mexico.

  • The oldest and most respected database in Mexico.

  • Lists surrounding towns, and even villages with only a few dozen people.

  • Kept up-to-date by leading Mexican locality information specialists, not someone making phone calls from far away.

  • A primary information resource used by millions of Mexican every day - government agencies, businesses and families.

  • In an easy to use format.

  • Updated and published every year and covers virtually each city and town in Mexico.

This incredible resource that Librarians and Information Specialists call:

"A unique and meaningful resource to the public..."
"very valuable and well-used"
"remarkably helpful" is the...


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If you feel you need further information, e-mail us. One of our specialists will work with you to locate the right phone book for the city you are searching for and can recommend additional services that can help you find someone or start your Mexico family genealogy.

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Mexico White Pages. Resource to find a birth parent,
a mother, father, friends and relatives living in Mexico.
Excellent for Mexico family genealogy.